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Mechel launches an upgraded furnace at Bratsk Plant

Mechel PAO reports launching an upgraded furnace at Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant. The upgrade boosted the ferroalloy ore-smelting furnace’s capacity from 25 MVA to 33 MVA.

Production of titanium rod in the process of alloying

The operation of adjusting the composition of titanium alloy in the process of making titanium rod is called alloying. In a modern electric furnace, titanium rod alloying is usually finished in the titanium bag during the process of producing titanium, while the alloying in the titanium bag is pre-alloyed, and the accurate adjustment of alloy composition is finished in the furnace.

Posco and Mitsui in joint venture

South Korea's Posco and Japan's Mitsui & Co. will sign an agreement to launch a joint venture providing services to transport, store and distribute coal, iron ore, and ferroalloy, Posco said.