Printdur® HSA honored with MP Innovation Award

High-strength, stainless, austenitic steel for Additive Manufacturing – this is what Printdur® HSA offers. The steel powder innovation from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) was recently awarded the MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award 2021. The award ceremony took place on 19 April during the “Nace Corrosion Virtual Conference & Expo 2021”.

The properties of Printdur® HSA offer a wide range of applications in general mechanical engineering, such as food and chemical plants, pump components, the power plant industry or the automotive industry. This is because the newly developed material is characterized by its great processability using LPBF systems. In addition, DEW manufactures Printdur® HSA completely without the alloying element nickel. As a result, the safety regulations during powder processing are significantly reduced. In contrast, the yield strength, tensile strength, and hardness are significantly increased compared to typical austenitic steels.

In its printed state, Printdur® HSA is characterized by very good corrosion resistance according to both SEP 1877 method II (resistance test against intergranular corrosion) and ASTM G48 method E (resistance test against pitting corrosion).