Stamicarbon signs licensing contract with Abu Qir

Stamicarbon has signed a contract with Abu Qir Fertilizers Co., in Alexandria, Egypt, for the revamp of one of their urea melt plants (known as Abu Qir 3). Stamicarbon will deliver the license and the Process Design Package for the revamped plant, which is expected to be operational in 2025.

The scope of the revamp includes a capacity increase from the current production of 1940 MTPD currently to 2370 MTPD and a reduction in emissions from the melt plant absorbers to meet the local norm. The revamp will use Stamicarbon’s EVOLVE CAPACITY™ Mega Design with Medium Pressure Add-on technology.

This state-of-the-art revamp technology allows capacity expansion of a plant without having to invest in high-pressure equipment or a high-pressure CO2 compressor, while simultaneously reducing the energy consumption. This technology has proven its value in several revamps and is achieved by smartly combining Stamicarbon’s knowledge with respect to urea technology and the use of existing margins of the installed equipment. The MP Add-on technology allows for large-scale capacity revamping, while reducing energy consumption per ton of final urea product.