New titanium from Allegheny

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated announces ATIT 425 titanium, a new titanium product that is an alternative to the most common high-strength titanium alloy and an addition to ATI’s range of high-strength titanium alloys. ATI 425 titanium offers strength comparable to Ti-6Al-4V; yet, unlike Ti-6Al-4V titanium, ATI 425 titanium is both hot and cold workable. As a result, ATI 425 titanium can be produced in a variety of forms, including sheet, coil, strip, Precision Rolled Strip® product, plate, seamless tube and pipe as well as cast and engineered products. ATI 425 titanium is covered by ATI’s issued patents and pending patent applications. Target markets for the proprietary ATI 425 titanium include aerospace, defence, industrial, medical and recreation in applications where high-strength, lightweight materials are required. In addition, the alloy’s corrosion resistance to saltwater environments (similar to that of Ti-6Al-4V) makes it a candidate material in marine-related applications. ATI 425 titanium is considered comparatively easy to produce and form due to its workability during the production and forming processes. Tests have shown that ATI 425 titanium can be fabricated more easily than Ti-6Al-4V. Duplex annealed ATI 425 titanium plate exhibited good fracture toughness; cold rolled and annealed ATI 425 titanium sheet has been bent to radii of 2.5 times its thickness. ATI 425 titanium is also heat treatable and can be solution-treated and aged to higher strength levels. Initial results indicate that the alloy is weldable and that annealed welds are ductile.

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