For our magazine publications Stainless Steel World Magazine we regularly interview endusers, fabricators and suppliers of stainless steels on their involvement and experiences with corrosion resistant alloys. A selection of these interviews can be found below.

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Passing down the family business

For family-owned businesses, the succession of ownership represents a pivotal moment in company history. Recently, Sankyo of Japan joined a growing list of companies that have undergone generational transition, with the CEO’s son assuming corporate control from his father. The successful passage of power between generations will be crucial to the global economy in coming years, as family enterprises make up a significant portion of the world’s businesses.

Architectural titanium glistens on the global stage

Whether it’s a high-end department store in Canada, lavish palaces in the Middle East, or a grand variety of commercial, industrial and residential structures in the Netherlands, India, Hong Kong or the United States, architectural titanium is well established as a showcase application on the global stage. For over 20 years, the company, aptly named Architectural Titanium, based in Lawrence, KS, has served as a consultant to help usher titanium onto that stage.

“Knowledge sharing is key” An interview with Dow’s leading materials expert

In addition to his role as Global Improvement Leader Materials Engineering Discipline at Dow, the world’s largest chemical company, David Barber has taken on the challenge of Chairing Duplex World 2018. With a wealth of handson metallurgical experience built up over nearly 30 years, David is as at ease solving corrosion issues on-site as he is fielding questions on specifications and lifecycle costs.

Meeting the requirements in a corrosive chemical environment

The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) is an international organization promoting excellence and quality in piping design and engineering through networking, training, and certification programs. Its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas with chapters in Houston, Calgary, Perth, Louisville, Ontario and a worldwide community of individual members.

“Sustainability creates opportunities”

With time fast ticking away to the tenth Stainless Steel World Conference in November there’s already a buzz of anticipation about the topics that will be extensively discussed during the presentations and workshops. SSWN interviewed Catherine Houska about her keynote speech which is very encouragingly titled: Resiliency and sustainability create opportunities for stainless steel.

Tackling corrosion in urea processes

An interview with Mr. Kirk Ofei from Stamicarbon, who enjoys working on challenging and interesting projects that test his intelligence and qualifications and increase his knowledge.

Controlling corrosion in Saudi Arabia’s desalination plants

In Saudi Arabia desalination fulfills the most basic need for humanity, providing clean, safe water. The many plants constructed along the eastern and western coasts literally pump life into this arid country. Keeping these plants running and tackling the inevitable corrosion issues that arise from processing seawater is the responsibility of the corrosion department within the Desalination Technologies Research Institute (DTRI).

Danfoss Experts Share Their Experience in Materials Consulting

The Danfoss Group is a world-leading supplier of technologies for infrastructure, food supply, energy and climate. Headquartered in Nordborg, Denmark, the company has 61 factories and about 23,400 employees around the world.

Electromechanical cables: hidden workhorses of the oil & gas industry

Electromechanical (wireline) cables are not components that receive a lot of attention in the oil and gas industry, yet they provide an essential link between the surface and the wellbore in both onshore and offshore wells.

Steady demand for Japanese stainless steel

Japan is one of the world’s leading producers of quality stainless steels. While the local market is fairly buoyant, local producer must contend with their share of trials including a volatile currency and low-cost imports. Stainless Steel World spoke to Mr Takashi Imai, President of the All Japan Stainless Steel Distributors Association and President of Daiwa Special Steel Co. Ltd, about Japan’s stainless steel market.