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Our Featured Story archive is a collection of the Featured Story’s which have been published in our magazine and taken pride of place as the ‘unique feature article’ on our Stainless Steel World home page. In addition to industry updates, market news and topical issues of the day the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, reports from major end users and features projects in a variety of industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the architecture, power generation, medical and food and beverage industries.

India’s success story: world’s 2ND largest stainless steel producer

India overtook Japan to become the world’s second largest stainless steel producer after China, in 2016, according to data released by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF). The country’s output rose to 3.324 million tons for the fiscal year 2016, compared to 3.093 million tons in Japan, showing an impressive compound annual growth rate of over 9%.

Endless stainless steel vs plastic belts in food applications

The non-corrosive and rust-resistant properties of stainless steel have made it essential in the preparation, delivery and storage of food. Stainless steel is a standard in modern restaurant kitchens and for other utensils in food applications since it is easily cleaned and dried. The surface of stainless steel resists oxidation at high temperatures and it tolerates very low temperatures as well.

First turbine deployed for world’s largest tidal energy project

Installation of the first Atlantis Resources AR1500 tidal energy turbine. The first phase of the MeyGen project (Phase 1A) involves the deployment of four 1.5MW turbines installed on gravity turbine support structures as part of MeyGen’s ‘deploy and monitor strategy’.

Altering perceptions: TIG welding in the oil & gas industry

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) commonly known as tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), has always been considered to be a complicated joining process. The equipment was expensive, shielding gas of the required purity was difficult to obtain and above all, only specially trained individuals were able to complete the complex procedures. However today there are innovative, customer-focused solutions for both mechanized and automated TIG welding available.

Umbilical technology driving material developments

TechnipFMC Umbilicals manufactures state-of-the-art subsea umbilical systems which provide the critical link between remote subsea wells and fixed or floating production systems. The company’s headquarters in Newcastle, UK is home to the world’s largest steel tube umbilical assembly plant. Stainless Steel World spoke to Dr. Xiaoxue An, Principal Engineer and Lead of Materials and Corrosion, R&D about her role in this demanding niche sector.

‘HFree’ – Hydrofluoric acid free pickling

A new pickling process which does not require the use of hydrofluoric acid has been developed as part of a project funded by the EU through the LIFE programme (project code: 13 ENV/IT/000440). The process is beneficial in terms of both the environment and energy consumption. This article analyses the characteristics of the wastewater treatment process deriving from the new pickling process which eliminates once and for all the presence of hydrofluoric acid in the base solution.

INSG: The Nickel Market to be in deficit for another year in 2017

More than 60 government and industry representatives met in Lisbon from 25-26 April for the most recent International Nickel Study Group Meeting. During the meeting, INSG reviewed the forecast for nickel production and use for the current year and updated the figures for 2015 and 2016. This article gives a brief overview of recent developments based on this data.

Longevity, whole-building LCAs & stainless steel

Whether the project is a new building or major renovation, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in decision-making. Whole-building lifecycle assessment (LCA) makes it possible to look at all phases of a building, from material extraction through construction to decommissioning and, when possible, recycling into a ‘new’ useful material.

Tackling corrosion in urea processes

An interview with Mr. Kirk Ofei from Stamicarbon, who enjoys working on challenging and interesting projects that test his intelligence and qualifications and increase his knowledge.

Fittings from stainless steel are the first choice

From modest beginnings in the family garage to the internationally active group of companies with 27 subsidiaries, GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, from Ingelfingen in Baden-Württemberg, made a name for itself worldwide as a specialist for fittings in the industrial sector. In conversation with Stainless Steel World, Marco Becker, head of sales marketing at GEMÜ, explains the reasons behind the success story of the stainless steel fittings and looks at the latest market development