Corrosion is defined as a refined metal that is naturally converted to a more stable form such as its hydroxide or sulphide state. Metal corrodes when it reacts with another substance such as oxygen, hydrogen or bacteria. Corrosion can also happen when metals are placed under too much stress causing the material to crack. Corrosion leads to deterioration of the material. In this section you can find newsitems related to all types of corrosion such as stress corrosion cracking, intergranular corrosion, pitting, and corrosion fatigue. If you wish to include your newsrelease on our website and email newsletter, please feel free to contact Joanne McIntyre.

Anchoring Systems

After 25 years, severe corrosion to Pittsburgh's Fort Pitt Tunnel, created a safety hazard for the 138,000 cars that pass through daily.

Powder coatings expansion in China

Akzo Nobel is investing in a new powder coatings plant in China to serve the growing market for steel pipe protection.

Stainless steel: future for architecture

The Lowry arts complex in Salford, UK, contains over 22,000 m2 of stainless steel manufactured by AvestaPolarit.

Improved corrosion resistance for solenoids

A new alloy known as Carpenter Chrome Core® 29 Solenoid Quality stainless may be considered for use in corrosive, high purity environments such as those encountered in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and other corrosive aqueous environments.

Stainless steel valve from FCx

Global flow control specialist FCx has launched a new stainless steel product to complement its existing range of cast iron valves.

Product ID in harsh conditions

InfoSight has produced a large variety of metal tags and printing equipment to survive harsh environments such as high temperatures in excess of 1600F.

Stainless Steel World mini-website

Stainless Steel World has launched a mini-website where technical papers on corrosion can be ordered.

Corrosion warning

A series of accidents has recently been affecting swimming pools all over Europe, with lampposts, air conditioners, ceilings and other suspended objects falling.

First air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit

Swagelok Company (Solon, OH, USA) has introduced its air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit (AHSU), made of stainless steel.

Corrosion Solutions Conference

Wah Chang, a leading manufacturer of corrosion-resistant metal products, has announced the third in a series of biennial conferences, the Corrosion Solutions Conference.