Additively manufactured duplex: better than wrought?

Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are rapidly maturing and offer the capability to build a new generation of components with complex designs, enhanced functionality, and rapid repair of existing components. These technologies have the potential to change the manufacturing paradigm with rapid on-demand production of complex parts locally, using cloud-based design libraries. However, with material properties and failure mechanisms rarely considered in detail, there are both opportunities and drawbacks for AM duplex stainless steel components. Join the AM session at Duplex World 2021 moderated by Dr David Griffiths (TWI) which aims to answer the question: “Are AM parts ‘better than wrought’ as often advertised?”;
Discussion points will include:
  • Case studies of duplex components such as pump impellers;
  • Opportunities for duplex AM components in valves and heat exchangers;
  • AM technologies as cladding options in future designs;
  • Material properties and failure mechanisms of duplex AM components;
  • Microstructural & corrosion studies of super duplex produced via AM 
  • WAAM of duplex stainless steels; Influence of welding parameters & filler metal composition on microstructure and properties.
Duplex World takes place 24 & 24 February 2021 at RDM Rotterdam, the Netherlands. See
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