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New single-use tool for joining Ti-6Al-4V by friction stir welding

A project developed by the TWI in the UK had the objective of developing and assessing a low-cost, single-use, tooling system based on silicon nitride.

Monopile to be installed in Dogger Bank Wind Farm

A collaboration between Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE), SSE Renewables, Sif Group, and TWI, has resulted in the first-ever electron beam welded section to be...

TWI installs welding and arc-based AM equipment

TWI has recently installed a Kuka KR16-3 S welding robot at its headquarters in Cambridge. The robotic system has been integrated with a SBI...

TWI develop ENP coating for geothermal-related projects

TWI has developed an electroless nickel-phosphorus plating (ENP) composite coating for demanding applications as part of ongoing geothermal-related research projects such as Geo-Coat, Geo-Drill,...

Pacemakers & welding; do you know the risks?

Welders may not be aware that working in the presence of welding machines, which produce pulsing magnetic or electromagnetic fields, can affect the performance of heart pacemakers. Robert Shaw from TWI outlines the risks.

TWI invests to improve its facilities and equipment

TWI has invested £22M into improving its facilities across the UK and upgrading the equipment that is available for use in Industrial Member projects.

Briony to present GeoSmart project at EUROCORR 2022

TWI principal project leader, Briony Holmes is set to present findings from the collaborative GeoSmart project at EUROCORR 2022, in Berlin.

TWI acquires a climatic chamber from Weiss Technik

TWI has recently acquired a climatic chamber from Weiss Technik for the conditioning of additive manufacturing (AM) metal powders.

Stephen Cater present lectures at Coventry University

TWI’s Stephen Cater recently presented the latest in his series of lectures to over 80 Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science students at the University of Coventry.

Alternative language support for Welding Qualifier

The first of these new features is an update to the Welding Qualifier software, which mainly functions in English, to include support for other...