WSI introduces 12,000 Joule CD Welder series

Weld Systems Integrators, Inc (WSI) announced the roll out of its next generation 12,000 Joule (12kJ) Capacitive Discharge (CD) Welder series. These welders are ideal for projection welding fasteners, with standard or ring type projections, to Hot Stamped Aluminum Silicate (AlSi) coated materials, Galvanized and other coated materials. 
WSI’s integrated welder design includes its Exclusive Fast Follow-Up Head, and an active displacement system, for graphing displacement for every weld. An inline force transducer measuring actual weld force in real time is also installed. Integrating these features is essential for maintaining the reliable, consistent results required by rigid OEM specifications.
The new CD Welder is designed with a minimum 18´´ throat depth allowing more space for robotic end effectors, fastener feeders, and other automation. Also designed into this series are standard “T” slot platens ideal for universal tooling concepts ranging from basic to dedicated parts fixtures.
This new series offers single head welders and multiple head welders that can all be configured to use a single power supply. Multiple head welders utilizing this configuration allows for a different application to be welded on each head, reducing capital investment and floor space.