Titanium alloy machining difficulties

According to rare metals supplier Firmetal, titanium alloy material is difficult to machine due to its high strength, hardness, processing required to produce surface hardening layer, low material coefficient of thermal conductivity, small modulus of elasticity, the spring back amount of the cutting machining surface is large, the friction of the cutter knife, adhesive, and adhesive wear. In order to ensure the accuracy of contour machining, the coaxial degree of the parts is 0.006 mm, which is almost impossible for existing machine tools. The dimension precision requirements of the part shape and hole are very high, respectively 0.005mm and 0.01mm, and a surface roughness value Ra= 0.8mm is required.Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to finish the drawing in grinding machine. Since there is no grinding machine in the plant for precision machining, the task must be completed by a lathe.

Due to the titanium alloy material coefficient of thermal conductivity, low elastic modulus, bonding processing process, it is not easy for cutting parameters if the machine setting is too large. A spindle speed selection in 350 500 r/min, is unfavorable and exorbitant. In order to reduce the cutting resistance and prevent the material from overheating in the cutting process, the cutting resistance of the cutting tool can be reduced to 20 ~ 25. In order to avoid the sharp friction and adhesion of the cutter surface during the cutting process, the Angle of the cutter is 5 ~ 8.

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