Tenova secures a revamping contract from Baowu Group

China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited awarded Tenova two contracts for the revamping of a fully automatic roll shop for its silicon steel plant at Baoshan Iron and Steel, in Baoshan, Shanghai, China. The scope of the contract includes the disassembly, relocation, and revamping of five Pomini roll grinders and two Pomini auto loaders with the complete automation system.

The current roll shop will be completely upgraded with the most advanced automation system, which will integrate all grinders and loaders and introduce innovative technological solutions ensuring the highest safety and quality standards.

Moreover, among others, three new features will modernize Pomini’s equipment: the new NDT inspection system Inspekor3 with Eddy Currents and Creeping Waves for on-line roll surface and subsurface defect inspection; the new Continuous Profile Compensation (CPC) for true and undisturbed in-process measurement and correction of roll profile during grinding; and the innovative Pomini Process Monitoring (PPM), allowing to optimize the grinding process parameters to reach the desired roll surface quality.

The completion of the project is forecasted in summer 2022.