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Yukos appoints two Americans

A day after Mikhail Khodorkovsky resigned as CEO of Yukos, the Russian oil company has appointed two Americans to head its operations, a move analysts say makes the company a tougher target for future moves against it by the Russian government.

Yukos and Sibneft to merge

In Russia, a new gas and oil company, YukosSibneft, is to be created by the merger of Yukos (71% stake) and Sibneft.

Yukos and Sibneft agree to merge

Yukos and Sibneft have agreed in principle to combine the two businesses in the largest-ever industrial transaction in Russia.

Murmansk pipeline memorandum

Lukoil, Sibneft, Yukos and Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) have signed a memorandum of mutual understanding to create an oil pipeline system to transport oil through an oil terminal close to Murmansk.

Russian export terminal

Four of the country's oil majors have signed a deal to build a giant export terminal in Russia's only ice-free Arctic port.

YUKOS and MOL sign joint venture pact

MOL PLC and OAO NK YUKOS, the largest fully privatised company in Russia, signed an agreement in Budapest on 12 February 2002 providing for the joint development and production of the Zapadno-Malobalyk field in Russia.

Long-term solution for Kvaerner

Kvaerner PLC, together with Yukos, a group of Norwegian and international banks, including DnB, Nordea, and Norsk Tillitsmann on behalf of the Norwegian bond and certificate owners, has agreed to propose a complete solution for solving Kvaerner's financial problems.

Merpro deal could lead to USD 1 billion business

Montrose oilfield equipment manufacturer Merpro has clinched USD 600,000 of milestone Russian contracts, with the promise of further business worth more than USD 1 billion.