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Ugitech’s microstructural technology for special stee

Ugitech is expanding its technological resources in research & development. The producer of made-to-order stainless steel solutions has equipped the research center with state-of-the-art 3D surface measurement technology.

Ugitech’s introduces UGIMA® 4116N stainless steel

Ugitech introduces a stainless steel, UGIMA® 4116N which is extremely hard, thanks to the addition of nitrogen, and much more resistant to corrosion than standard-grade steel as EN 1.

UGIMA 4509 for the automotive industry

Ugitech has expanded their portfolio in the range of UGIMA® steel grades with improved machinability. The new ferritic stainless steel UGIMA® 4509 is the answer to increasing demands of the automotive industry for more efficient machinability and better corrosion and oxidation resistance.

UGI 4550 SS for the process industry

Safe transport of hot gases and vapors at temperatures of up to 850°C - is an important requirement for manufacturers of components for the process industry.

Ugitech increases quality assurance

Ugitech has invested almost EUR 2M in a new ultrasonic testing unit to meet the rising demand for flawless stainless steel.

Ugitech to exhibit at wire trade fair 2016

Ugitech, a SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group company, will be exhibiting its complete range of stainless steels tailored to its customers' requirements: with 35 stainless austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, and duplex grades in the UGIMA® product range on the occasion of the 2016 wire trade fair.

Primetals Technologies receives FAC

French stainless steel wire rod producer Ugitech has awarded the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) to Primetals Technologies for its custom engineering solution to upgrade and automate the compacting and coil handling process in the company’s rod mill, which recently achieved all performance goals. The upgrade for its stainless steel rod mill in Ugine, France includes a new vertical compactor and unloading station design which allows the automatic loading of loose coils from a floor mounted cradle onto a vertical compacting system, replacing a former manually operated secondary processing system.

New UGIMA® 4598 stainless steel

UGIMA® 4598, a new stainless steel from Ugitech, offers a solution to applications where quality at small dimensions, at an affordable price is required.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Paris – special steel shopping

The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is bundling sales activities of the group mills Steeltec, Ugitech and Ardenacier in France, for expanding the range of their operations.

New superduplex from Ugitech meets NORSOK standards

Ugitech, part of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, has expanded its product portfolio to include the UGI® 4410 superduplex stainless steel.