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Tecninox do Brasil goes live

Raccortubi Group launches the new manufacturing unit at São Paolo, Brazil. Following the international expansion of the company in the last decade, Raccortubi Group announces the empowerment of Raccortubi do Brasil with its manufacturing extension, Tecninox do Brasil.

Petrol Raccord, Tecninox are FPAL registered

After the Scottish subsidiary Raccortubi Norsk being registered with Achilles FPAL, Raccortubi Group has announced that its manufacturing plants -Petrol Raccord and Tecninox are fully registered as suppliers in the Achilles First Point Assessment (FPAL) database.

NORSOK M-650 Ed. 4 for Petrol Raccord

Under Raccortubi ownership, Petrol Raccord has renewed its commitment to the most up-to-date quality standards, adding NORSOK M-650 Ed.

Tecninox obtains OHSAS 18001:07 certification

Tecninox is proud to announce the addition of OHSAS 18001:07 to its already wealthy array of certifications and qualifications.

Tecninox’s butt weld fittings approved by Petrobras

Tecninox, the integrated manufacturing plant within Raccortubi Group, has been awarded Petrobras’ technical approval for its butt weld fittings.

Silver-edged fittings

The 20th of May marks the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of Tecninox Srl, manufacturer of butt weld fittings in stainless steel, duplex, superduplex and special alloys. Since its foundation in 1988, Tecninox has come a long way in reaching and surpassing the objectives that it originally set out to achieve.

Tecninox’s Borile selected by NORSOK Committee

Tecninox’s Quality Manager, Sergio Borile, has been chosen by Standards Norway to act as advisor to the NORSOK Standards Revision Committee. Borile’s expertise has been sought after by the Committee as a result of his continuous application of the NORSOK Standards, which are implemented on a daily basis at Tecninox.