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Cool repair: Laser metal deposition repair to duplex pump

Keeping important assets operational is essential in the oil and gas sector, so preventative maintenance plays an important role.

Sulzer’s service centre optimizes workflows

Sulzer’s purpose-built service centre in Birmingham was officially opened in October. The investment represents Sulzer’s ongoing commitment to delivering the next generation of service excellence and provides 24/7 support to customers around the world.

Sulzer HICoat celebrates 25th anniversary

The Sulzer HICoat® brand is celebrating 25 years of delivering cutting-edge coatings for a wide variety of industrial applications. Over the years, the in-house expertise has developed more advanced protective coatings that provide increased durability and efficiency for a wide range of rotating equipment.

Sulzer delivers 289 pumps for a desalination project

Sulzer’s advanced global engineering and manufacturing network has enabled the company to build, deliver, and commission 289 high-efficiency desalination pumps to allow construction of the multiple sites in just 18 months.

Sulzer as the sole supplier for Dangote refinery

Sulzer Chemtech has been selected as the sole supplier of column internals, packings and trays for the Dangote integrated oil refinery and petrochemical complex in Lekki Free Trade Zone, near Lagos, Nigeria.

Sulzer extends HST 30 with HST 30-58-8 and HST 30-38-2

Sulzer has extended its highly popular HST 30 range of turbocompressors with the addition of two new models. The HST 30-58-8 and HST 30-38-2 offer increased flow and pressure respectively for applications in the wastewater industry.

Sulzer to supply cMIST™ system for ExxonMobil

Sulzer is supplying the first-ever industrial-scale cMIST™ system for natural gas dehydration with start-up scheduled for the H2 of 2020.

Causes & resolution of stress corrosion cracking in steam turbines

Steam turbines are used across the world as a source of power for many different industries. Even with the best maintenance procedures and preventative maintenance techniques, problems can still arise. Resolving one of the more serious issues, that of stress corrosion cracking, can often be achieved in a straightforward manner by accurately identifying the causes.

Sulzer acquires GTC Technology US, LLC

Sulzer acquires GTC Technology US, LLC, a technology company offering proprietary processes and systems for the production of aromatics and other petrochemicals.

Sulzer’s automated welding for distillation columns

Sulzer’s automated welding delivers quality and cost-efficient corrosion protection for distillation columns. The efficient prevention and minimization of corrosion-induced deterioration in distillation columns is a key aspect of helping refineries to remain highly productive and competitive.