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Stainless steel grade 431; the better choice for propellers

Shrikumar Chakraborty shows how stainless steel grade 431 is better suitable for propellers than mode traditiononal metals such as aluminium

Super duplex in carbon capture storage plants

Global leaders are trying to regain momentum on climate change to pivot from negotiating to implementing the massive transformations required.

AISI 301 stainless steel constant force springs

Stainless 301 constant force springs are utliised in industries ranging from electric motor manufacturing to the automobile and aerospace industries, defence and many others.

Ferritics the material of choice for car exhaust systems

An effective exhaust system reduces emissions and increases fuel economy by removing exhaust gases from the controlled combustion inside an engine.

Austenitic stainless steel grades for high-temperature applications

Stainless steel grade 310 is the most popular heat and creep resistant steel used in super-heater tubing. The grade is popular for heat exchanger applications due to its corrosion and heat resistance.