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Showing typical location of precipitates in the root run of a duplex stainless steel weld.

Duplex stainless steel quality – ASTM A923 vs ISO 17781

The use of hydrogen in the steel making process is an important topic affecting manufacturers around the globe.

Rolled Alloys receives Nadcap reaccreditation

Rolled Alloys, suppliers of stainless steels, duplex, nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys, has recently retained its Nadcap accreditation following a surveillance audit, demonstrating a continued investment in resources to meet stringent industry and customer requirements.

Marc Glasser joins Industrial Committee

Rolled Alloys has recently declared that Marc Glasser, Director of Metallurgical Services, has been named to the 2016 Industrial Heating Executive Committee.

Rolled Alloys expands capabilities

Rolled Alloys, supplier of stainless steel, nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys, has recently expanded its processing capabilities at their 80,000 square foot service centre in Houston, TX.

RAM quality round bar

Rolled Alloys’ Houston-based processing facility is now stocking an extensive inventory of Rolled Alloys Machining (RAM) quality 304/L and 316/L round bar.

Rolled Alloys reports zero injuries for 2009

Rolled Alloys has announced that the company has completed 2009 without any work related injuries at the Temperance, Michigan facility.

ASTM chairman appointed

Rolled Alloys Inc., a manufacturer of duplex stainless steel, has elected Mr Paul K Whitcraft director of quality, safety and engineering as the chairman of the 2009 ASTM International board of directors.

Whitcraft elected as ASTM Chairman

Rolled Alloys has announced that Paul K. Whitcraft, Director of Quality, Safety and Engineering at Rolled Alloys, has been elected as Chairman of ASTM International.

Rolled Alloys expands duplex line

Rolled Alloys has announced an expanded line of AL 2003 lean duplex stainless steel plate and sheet products.

Erratum: Weir Materials bought by Rolled Alloys

Weir Materials has announced that it has been bought by Rolled Alloys and will trade as RA Materials.