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JFE develops FM1300S for powder metallurgy applications

JFE Steel Corporation announced that its new FM1300S nickel-free alloyed steel powder is suitable for powder metallurgy applications

JFE develops “FM800â€? nickel-free alloyed steel powd

JFE Steel Corporation has recently developed FM800, a nickel-free alloyed steel powder offering 800 MPa-class tensile strength when sintered in a mesh-belt furnace, suitable for powder-metallurgy applications.

Metal powders: a niche to watch!

Despite product developments and vast investments around the world, the metal powder industry has not yet really taken off, nor have the sceptics been satisfied. Acknowledging that this is a technology for which home-grown expertise is essential for competitiveness, many countries are developing a powder metallurgy industry. As a result developments can be seen almost on a daily basis in every region of the world.

Powder metallurgy awards for 2004

The EPMA has launched of its annual event, the EPMA "Innovations in Powder Metallurgy" Awards for 2004.

Powder metallurgy directory

MPR Publishing Services Ltd has produced the 10th edition of the International Powder Metallurgy Directory & Yearbook (IPMD) for 2002/2003.

Powder metallurgy in Valencia next year

The Euro PM2003 congress and exhibition will be held at the Conference Centre, Valencia, Spain, from 20–22 October 2003.