JFE develops FM1300S for powder metallurgy applications

JFE Steel Corporation announced that its new FM1300S nickel-free alloyed steel powder is suitable for powder metallurgy applications, combining 1,300 MPa-class high tensile strength with toughness and durability equal to or greater than that of Ni-containing alloyed steel powder. It is also highly machinable.
FM1300S alloyed steel powder comprises a fine copper (Cu) powder mixed into a high-purity iron powder on which a molybdenum (Mo) powder is diffusion-deposited. The fine Cu powder and Mo powder on the FM1300S particle surface layer accelerate sintering to achieve high tensile strength exceeding 1,300 MPa even with normal sintering. Furthermore, JFE Steel’s high-purity iron powder achieves increased density with compaction, resulting in strength, toughness and durability at levels equal to or greater than those of 4% Ni alloyed steel powder.

As a result, customers can significantly reduce their costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to manufacturing 1,300 MPa-class sintered components with conventional high-temperature sintering. Moving forward, JFE Steel will promote the use of FM1300S for automotive components such as high-strength sprockets and wear-resistant construction machinery components.

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