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Outokumpu, a global powerhouse in the stainless steel sector, has its roots in Finland but has significantly expanded its reach, including a notable presence in Germany. This company is acclaimed for its sophisticated production techniques and a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality products.

Uniting customers and scrap suppliers

Outokumpu has launched a new circularity initiative, Inner Circle, to strengthen the circular economy in Europe.

Outokumpu signs a LOI with Greenland Resources

Outokumpu plans to assist Greenland Resources, which has finished a feasibility study and is in talks for mine construction funding.

Outokumpu and Fissler join forces in emission reduction

Outokumpu and Fissler have agreed on the first deliveries of the world’s first towards-zero stainless steel, Outokumpu Circle Green®, with up to 92% lower...

Outokumpu publishes an EPD for ferrochrome production

The EPD for ferrochrome will further support Outokumpu’s commitment to help its customers in reducing their climate emissions.

Outokumpu continues its partnership with thyssenkrupp

Outokumpu continues the partnership with thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe. The aim is to reduce emissions from the automotive sector.

Outokumpu complete the Long Products business in Sweden

Outokumpu has now completed the divestment of the Long Products business in Degerfors and Storfors to Cogne Acciai Speciali.

Outokumpu appoints Marc-Simon Schaar as CPO

Marc-Simon Schaar has been appointed as Chief Procurement Officer and member of Outokumpu Leadership Team.

Outokumpu & Nordic Steel collaboration

Outokumpu is partnering with Nordic Steel to introduce sustainable stainless steel in Norway. Outokumpu’s Circle Green is the world’s most sustainable stainless steel with...

Outokumpu & Nordic Steel supports sustainable strategy

Outokumpu is partnering with Nordic Steel to introduce sustainable stainless steel in Norway.

Outokumpu to use robotics in safety management

Outokumpu will start to utilize AI and safety inspection robots to improve and digitize the company’s facilities’ health and safety monitoring.