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Outokumpu: pioneering sustainable stainless steel with Circle Green

Outokumpu’s mill in Tornio, Finland, where Circle Green sustainable stainless steel is produced. Outokumpu is pioneering the production of emission-minimised stainless steel in the global...

Outokumpu restarts furnace ahead of schedule

Outokumpu has restarted its third ferrochrome furnace earlier than planned but continues to optimize ferrochrome production capacity. The furnace was shut down temporarily beginning...

Outokumpu completed the divestment to Marcegaglia

Outokumpu has currently completed the divestment of the majority of its Long Products business to Marcegaglia. The transaction was carried out as a share...

Outokumpu collaborates with Klöckner & Co

Outokumpu has ambitious targets in terms of sustainability and is further shaping the stainless steel market by setting a new benchmark with its Circle...

What is the maximum operating temperature for duplex stainless steel?

Most users know that at above 250 °C, duplex grades can be affected by embrittlement caused by spinodal decomposition.

Outokumpu improve its energy efficiency in 2023 & 2024

Outokumpu has decided to significantly increase its energy efficiency improvement target and prioritize related investments in 2023 and 2024.

Structures for a lifetime – Duplex as a material for bridge...

The stainless steel industry has long believed duplex to be the perfect material for bridge and storage tank construction. That notion has now been proven by onsite inspections carried out by Outokumpu.

Outokumpu plans an investment in a biocoke project

Outokumpu is planning an investment in a biocoke and biomethane plant at its stainless-steel production site in Tornio, Finland.

Henrik Rodenström joins Outokumpu as SVP – Treasury

Henrik Rodenström has been appointed as SVP – Treasury Outokumpu

Outokumpu divests Long Products business to Marcegaglia

Outokumpu has signed an agreement to divest the majority of the Long Products business operations to Marcegaglia Steel Group.