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Nitty-Gritty equipment

Orbimatic (UK) has added its new Nitty-Gritty weld cleaning and marking systems to their range of products.

Hot water cylinders

Orbimatic (UK) Ltd, the manufacturer of orbital TIG welding equipment, have assisted a manufacturer of stainless steel hot water cylinders in coping with a massive upturn in production.

HVCA systems use stainless steel tubing

Orbimatic, Germany, is assisting ADMS Engineering in the use of stainless steel tubing for heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The use of stainless steel pipe offers some advantages over other materials, but it also offers other benefits which are not normally realised at the front end design stage.

Two heads are better than one

Orbimatic has introduced its Orbitwin unit for high-rate production tube welding.

Product CD revamped

Orbimatic have revamped its product CD. OrbiCD is said to be a valuable asset for anybody involved in the welding of tubes and pipes.

Free guide to orbital welding

The "Guide to orbital welding" is a free publication for anybody involved in the welding of tubes and pipes.

Ensuring clean welds

Orbimatic has introduced the ORB1000 Oxygen Analyser into its range of equipment

Welding of boiler tubes

Orbimatic’s P20 weld head has been designed to enable the welding of boiler tubes fitted to tube sheets in heat exchangers.

HEES invests in Orbital

Hygienic & Environmental Engineering Services has bought two further Orbimatic orbital welding systems.

Lathe welds small, thin wall circular components

Orbimatic has released the Varioturn RS 80-1R precision welding lathe.