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UGIMA 4509 for the automotive industry

Ugitech has expanded their portfolio in the range of UGIMA® steel grades with improved machinability. The new ferritic stainless steel UGIMA® 4509 is the answer to increasing demands of the automotive industry for more efficient machinability and better corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Metal spray process

Inovati (Santa Barbara, CA) has successfully developed a low-temperature metal deposition technique, Kinetic Metallization (KM).

Inovati wins R&D 100 award

Inovati (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) has won an R&D 100 award for 2002 from R&D Magazine for the development of equipment and processes for its low-temperature metal deposition technique, Kinetic Metallization (KM).

Australians study tantalum and niobium deposit

The Australian company Gippsland Limited has embarked on a feasibility study for its Abu Dabbab tantalite project in Egypt.

Corrosion Solutions Conference

Wah Chang, a leading manufacturer of corrosion-resistant metal products, has announced the third in a series of biennial conferences, the Corrosion Solutions Conference.