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Hart increases its expansive stock of nickel products

With the volatility of nickel prices causing concern in the industry, supplier Hart b.v. is keeping a close eye on the situation and acting...

Nickel alloys: Ni-hard

The use of hydrogen in the steel making process is an important topic affecting manufacturers around the globe.

Nippon Yakin Kogyo: from strength to strength with high-performance alloys

For almost a century, Nippon Yakin Kogyo (Nippon Yakin) has produced stainless steel and high-end nickel alloys.

Featured Story – At the extremes: nickel alloys in space

2020 marked the start of an exciting new decade in space exploration and innovation with nickel-containing alloys playing an important role in the construction of rockets, wheels, and catalysts, to name a few applications.

Henry, the proud owner of Hart b.v. for 30 years

Henry took over the business, now 30 years ago in 1991 from his father. At the time, Hart b.v was smaller (only 5 employees) and had stocks in Stainless Steels and Low Alloys.

New superalloys need careful purging during welding

Significant developments recently have resulted in the introduction of new nickel alloys that offer major improvements in mechanical properties. Not least is Inconel 740H1, an alloy offering enhanced resistance to coal ash and therefore of considerable interest to fossil fuel fired boiler manufacturers.

Applications of nickel alloys for piping and valves

Inconel alloys such as Inconel 625, 718 and X750 are widely for piping and valves in the offshore sector. Although these alloys are used widely for both internal and external corrosion resistance, they have different applications such as increasing mechanical strength, reducing friction and galling, facilitating cycling and mitigating fatigue stress.

3D Systems to conduct R&D for DMP of Nickel Alloys

3D Systems (DDD) recently announced that it has been awarded a contract to conduct research and development of a Corrosion Performance Design Guide for Direct Metal Printing of Nickel Alloys.

Wall Colmonoy to revamp Alloy Industrial Estate

Wall Colmonoy, makers of nickel alloys for coating and brazing, is looking to revamp and extend its site at the Alloy Industrial Estate in Pontardawe. The firm saw its profits jump from GBP 1.598 million in 2009 to GBP 2.889 million in 2010 and has now applied for planning permission

Outokumpu relaunches high-end stainless grade

Outokumpu has relaunched its high-performance stainless steel grade Outokumpu 654 SMO®. Providing superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, the grade is poised to move the boundaries of stainless steel by offering a cost-effective alternative for a range of applications.