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Sébastien Leclerc starts up XPIM

Sébastien Leclerc, with extensive experience in stainless and nickel alloy pipe manufacturing, has founded XPIM to offer services to the piping industry.

Phoenix Tube invest USD 8.1M to expand Bethlehem plant

Phoenix Tube Co. has committed USD 8.1M to expand its Bethlehem operations.

Usage of Nickel Alloy 200/201 in various industries

Nickel 200/201, also known as pure Nickel with a Nickel percentage of minimum 99.6%, is a widely used Nickel Alloy in the (Petro-) Chemical...

Positive material identification proves its value

How can you tell a Super-Duplex Stainless Steel from an Austenitic Stainless Steel, or a Nickel Alloy from a Copper Alloy when they all largely look the same? That’s the problem experienced by many of the organisations in the supply chain.

Banding systems delivered in under two months

James Alloys Ltd., a supplier of high value metal products, has started to offer reduced waiting times on its range of special metals products which they report to be crucial for subsea pipe laying and construction.

Japanese scraps rises

The price in Japan for nickel alloyed stainless steel scraps (new clippings) rose to JPY 125,000 per ton, delivered to mills' yard, from JPY 120,000 per ton, the latest price quoted by the mills for December deliveries.

Sandmeyer appoints new district sales manager

Sandmeyer Steel Company has appointed Richard Zakrzewski as District Sales Manager of the Midatlantic sales territory which includes eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and southeastern New York.  

Submarine protection

Arc Energy Resources has recently completed the weld overlay cladding of hull penetrator inserts destined for the UK’s Royal Navy’s new Astute class submarine.

New Hastelloy corrosion loop at IFE

Norway's Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) has opened a new corrosion test loop built entirely in the nickel alloy Hastelloy C-276.

Philip Cornes increases stocks of Alloy 825

Specialist nickel alloy distributor, Philip Cornes, part of the TW Metals Group, has increased its stocks of the nickel-iron-chromium Alloy 825, in response to market demand.