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Bonterra appoints Mr Dave Humphreys to its Board

Bonterra Energy Corp. appointed Mr Dave Humphreys to its Board.

Norway approves USD 18bn of oil, natural gas projects

Norway’s energy ministry approved oil and gas projects costing over USD 18.5bn as Europe’s biggest supplier of natural gas works to keep up production.

The sun sets on cheap gas: what next for LNG?

The LNG market was already tight when the war in Ukraine caused the price of natural gas to shoot up. As Europe slowly weans...

Gastech 2021

Gastech is a global platform that convenes industry leaders annually in their shared mandate towards a zero-carbon economy.

Petrobras celebrates MoU with Equinor

Petrobras celebrated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Equinor ASA. Equinor, a company based in Oslo (Norway), focused on the joint development of businesses related to the value chain of natural gas produced from the partnership projects.

LNG: meeting future demand will be problematic

Global demand for natural gas will continue to grow. Between now and 2035, this demand is expected to increase with an average of 2 % per annum. Along with this rising demand, LNG production will increase too, mainly for markets in the Middle East and Asia. The question is: will it be sufficient?

San Mateo sign agreement for Natural Gas gathering

Matador Resources Company announced that a wholly-owned subsidiary of its midstream joint venture, San Mateo Midstream, LLC, has entered into a long-term agreement with a producer in Eddy County, New Mexico, relating to the gathering and processing of such producer’s natural gas production.

“Them thar rocks”: shale gas holds its own in a difficult...

Despite the dip in oil and gas prices, things are going remarkably well in the shale gas sector. Although there have been layoffs and bankruptcies, the demand for natural gas is increasing, and this rising tide is lifting shale in North America and other countries throughout the world. New technologies make the sector more competitive, which is good news for all suppliers to the sector and will stimulate related industries such as water treatment and desalination.

Chevron discovers natural gas offshore Australia

Chevron Corporation has announced the discovery of a well located in the WA-374-P permit area approximately 75 miles northwest of Barrow Island off the Western Australian coast.
The Satyr-2 exploration discovery well confirmed approximately 128 feet of net gas pay.

Georgia says yes to NG fuel stations

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) has received approval from state utility regulators to build a network of compressed natural gas fueling stations across the state. AGL, the state's largest natural gas company, intends to construct 5 to 10 stations in metro Atlanta and then add more statewide.