ITA lauds successful completion of Grade 12 update

The International Titanium Association’s Industrial Applications Committee has confirmed that the project to update Titanium Grade 12 requirements for the ISO15156/NACE MRO175 specification has...

Sandvik receives two awards from NACE International

NACE International recently awarded its 2020 Distinguished Organization Award to Sandvik Materials Technology, and Sandvik’s Ulf Kivisäkk was also awarded the NACE Technical Achievement Award.

LEE introduces NACE compliant bender jet

Constructed entirely from MP35N and compliant with NACE MR1075/ISO15156, the multi-250H bender jet from the Lee Company is suited to handle the harsh duty applications typically found in the oil and gas industries.

Metallurgical selection for piping in the process industry

Many industrial accepted standards for pressure design address all aspects of piping design for chemical plants and refineries; none discuss all of the considerations for metallurgical selection. These code standards do list materials that are acceptable for use in chemical plants and refineries.This paper discusses some but not all of the resources that a designer can reference in properly selecting materials for an application.

Nickel expert dies

C.P. (Paul) Dillon, who acted as a consultant for the Nickel Development Institute (NiDI) and its successor, the Nickel Institute, has died.

Schutz to win Speller award at NACE 2003

NACE International will honour Ronald W. Schutz with the Frank Newman Speller Award on 16 March at Corrosion 2003, to be held at San Diego, California.

Modulating pilot control valve

Farris Engineering, a division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, has introduced a higher-pressure model of its PCM Modulating Pilot Control for the Series 3800 pilot operated pressure relief valves.

ARCA supplies Dutch syngas plant

The ARCA-Regler GmbH, Tönisvorst, Germany, has delivered about one hundred valves via its subsidiary von Rohr ARCA BV, Eerbeek, to the Netherlands.

New report reveals corrosion costs

A recently released study sponsored by NACE International estimates the annual direct cost of corrosion in the USA to be USD 276 billion.

Actuated ball valves

Quadrant Valve & Actuator LLC (Broussard, Louisiana, USA) has produced a seal-welded 2000WOG stainless-steel ball valve.