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Herbert H. Uhlig Award for Prof Thomas Ladwein

Thomas L. Ladwein, chair for electrochemistry, corrosion and tribology at Aalen University of Applied Science, Germany, was the recipient of the prestigious “Herbert H. Uhlig Award” from NACE International. The award was given during the annual conference recently held in Houston, Texas to honor Professor Ladwein’s exemplary efforts in academic corrosion education.

Battle against corrosion

As part of the annual conference of NACE International held in New Orleans, nine corrosion specialists recently presented their views on the technical challenges facing the global chemical process industry.

NACE revises refinery standard

NACE International announces NACE Standard RP0170-2004, "Protection of Austenitic Stainless Steels and Other Austenitic Alloys from Polythionic Acid Stress Corrosion Cracking During Shutdown of Refinery Equipment," a revised standard developed by NACE Task Group 173.

New NACE standards

NACE International announces the publication of NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, “Petroleum and natural gas industries—Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production.â€?

Pollution control standards revised

NACE International has announced a revised standard for handling and installing nickel alloy, stainless steel, and titanium linings in air pollution control equipment.

Schutz to win Speller award at NACE 2003

NACE International will honour Ronald W. Schutz with the Frank Newman Speller Award on 16 March at Corrosion 2003, to be held at San Diego, California.