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New stainless for seawater applications

A Japanese producer has developed a high-molybdenum ferritic stainless steel which resists both erosion and corrosion in seawater service.

Consumption of molybdenum will increase

The consumption of molybdenum is expected to increase as a result of the rise in steel consumption.

Sandvik extends tubing stock

Sandvik Steel has extended its range of tubing with the addition of new sizes and a new highly corrosion-resistant steel grade.

Anchoring Systems

After 25 years, severe corrosion to Pittsburgh's Fort Pitt Tunnel, created a safety hazard for the 138,000 cars that pass through daily.

Stainless steel: future for architecture

The Lowry arts complex in Salford, UK, contains over 22,000 m2 of stainless steel manufactured by AvestaPolarit.