Plasma-electrolytic finishing

Byelorussian state-owned company Plasmavac has developed a technique for improving metal workpiece surfaces. The technique is based on a phenomenon that takes place on the surface of electrodes in the electrolytic cell under the influence of pulsating direct current (voltage >200 V). There are microplasm discharges in the steam-gas thin gap between immersed electrode and electrolyte. Areas of application include the polishing of stainless and low carbon steels, copper and copper alloys, titanium, nickel, molybdenum and other metals and alloys; deburring, edge blunting, degreasing, etc; surface preparation for further coating (especially for PVD&CVD coating). The principal advantage of this method is ecological safety. The metal, receding from a surface of workpiece transformed to a solid hydroxide and can be decanted easy.

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