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Chevron turns to metal additive manufacturing to stay on schedule

During a recent routine maintenance shutdown, extended lead times and supply chain delays on traditionally manufactured parts challenged Chevron’s planned restart schedule. Text & images...

Lincoln Electric launches Activ8x® Pipe™

Lincoln Electric announced the new Activ8x® Pipe™ portable wire feeder – the latest addition to the proven Activ8X® line of rugged, field-ready wire feeders.

Lincoln Electric launches Process HDT™ solution

Lincoln Electric® officially announced its new Process HDT solution for the heavy fabrication industry. Developed for high-deposition robotic applications, this new innovative solution doubles the deposition rates typically seen in single-wire processes.

Lincoln Electric launches new wired remotes

Lincoln Electric has recently introduced two new wired remote control units and new welders with factory-installed wireless remote systems.

Lincoln Electric to host annual AWFTE Conference

newsitemOn Friday 9th October 2015 Lincoln Electric will host the Association for Welding, Fabrication, Training and Education’s (AWFTE) annual conference.

NanoSteel Grants licences out steel coating tech.

NanoSteel has granted Lincoln Electric an exclusive worldwide license to the company’s proprietary steel coatings technology for weld overlay and thermal spray applications. This agreement expands Lincoln Electric’s range of wear resistant products, which complement the company’s core arc welding, cutting and automation solutions.

Christopher Mapes, new C.O.O at LE

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. (Lincoln Electric) has chosen Christopher L. Mapes as their new Chief Operating Officer, effective 1 September 2011. Currently a member of the Company’s Board of Directors, Mapes will retain his seat on the Board in addition to becoming a member of the Company's executive management team.

Lincoln Electric acquires Torchmate

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. has acquired almost all of the assets of Applied Robotics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of CNC cutting tables and accessories in North America. Applied Robotics, referred to in the welding industry by its brand name, Torchmate, has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada.

LE introduces new flux-cored wire

Lincoln Electric has added Lincolnweld® LAC-690, a low alloy flux-cored wire, to its line of products. Designed for submerged arc welding, the Lincolnweld LAC-690 is suitable for applications that require high strength and low H4 diffusible hydrogen weld deposits. In addition, the wire is capable of producing high impact toughness at low temperatures as required by the offshore industry for applications like rack to chord joints.

VRTEX 360 Upgrade Program Release

Lincoln Electric has released the first VRTEX™ 360 software upgrade offered since the launch of the training system in late 2009.The upgrade package for this virtual reality weld training system, available now, is ideal for schools, unions and other training facilities to instruct and educate welding operators in several virtual environments, using stick, MIG or flux-cored arc welding processes.