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MEPAX Press: Kennametal unveils FBG for KenTIP FS

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Kennametal board appoints Ronald M as CEO

The board of directors of Kennametal Inc. has recently appointed Ronald M. DeFeo, board member, as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO), effective immediately. DeFeo replaces Donald Nolan, who has left the company to pursue other interests after serving as president and CEO since Nov.

Kennametal changes management team

Kennametal Inc. declares two changes to the executive management team. Effective from October 1, 2015, Mr. Peter Dragich will become Kennametal vice president and executive vice president of the Infrastructure business segment, with global responsibility for growth of the company’s engineered products and surface technologies serving customers in earthworks, energy and process industries.

Kennametal Board names new CEO

newsitemThe board of directors of Kennametal appointed Donald (Don) A. Nolan as the company’s president, CEO and member of the board of directors, while electing William R.

Kennametal wins Carnegie Science Award for NOVO

Kennametal’s vice president of Product Engineering, Fred Patterson, representing a team of product and software engineers, will be honoured with a 2014 Carnegie Science Award in the Advanced Manufacturing category in May.

Mill 1-10 tooling platform

Kennametal engineers have developed the Mill 1-10 tooling platform that performs all common machining applications such as face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, slotting, interpolating, and ramping for steels, aluminum, or exotics, all with one common insert style.

Milling cutter systems

For the new milling cutter systems M680 Plus (square shoulder mill) and M300 Plus (helical cutter) from Kennametal, users need only one type of AONT10T308 indexable insert.

Ceramic insert machines high-temperature alloys

The new, patented Kennametal high-performance ceramic KY1540 aims to combine wear resistance with increased fracture toughness and improved resistance to thermal shock.