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At the heart of the stainless steel industry

On the 30th of September, John Rowe will be leaving the offices of the International Stainless Steel Forum for the last time, having handed over the role of Secretary General to Tim Collins. In a joint interview, SSWN asked John and Tim to outline the role of the Secretary General and to touch on the challenges facing the stainless industry.

The Chairman of the BSSA appoints John Rowe as MD

The Chairman of the BSSA announced that John Rowe will take over the role of Managing Director of the BSSA from the 1st October 2019.

Life time achievement award for ISSF Secretary General

John Rowe, Secretary-General of the International Stainless Steel Forum was given the Life Time Achievement Award for service to Sassda, Columbus Stainless and the global stainless steel industry.

ISSF welcomes John Rowe as new Secretary General

newsitemThe International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has appointed John Rowe as Secretary General and member of its Executive Board.