Cost-saving super duplex

IMOA shows why 2507 Super Duplex stainless steel was chosen as the best option to replace a sintering facility exhaust stack

Molybdenum in biogas plants

Martina Heizel (circa drei) describes why molybdenum-containing stainless steels can best be used for biogas plants

Molybdenum production and usage rises in Q2 2023: IMOA

IMOA showed that global production of molybdenum rose by 1% to 148.5 million pounds (mlbs) in Q2 2023.

Global molybdenum production and usage falls in Q1 2023

IMOA has released figures for Q1 2023 showing that global production of molybdenum fell by 3% and global usage of molybdenum fell by 8%.

Sluice gates brave the shifting tides

Thanks to their strength and corrosion resistance, molybdenum-containing duplex stainless steels are the ideal construction material.

Global molybdenum usage rises, production falls in 2022

IMOA shows that the global production of molybdenum was at 577.8 million pounds in 2022, a fall of 1% from 581.4 million pounds in...

Printing a stainless steel dragon

Not only do they have their use in highly technical applications; sometimes these structures can take the shape of beautiful art.

Global production of molybdenum falls, usage is static

International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) shows that global production of molybdenum fell by 1% to 142.4million pounds (mlbs) in Q3 2022, whereas global usage of...

IMOA’s market development work deliver positive results

IMOA’s market development work is delivering positive results. For example, IMOA played an integral role in type 316 stainless steel being designated as the material of choice for secondary water conveying systems in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen’s secondary water supply systems

One in three people worldwide live without access to clean drinking water. Even major cities with established utilities are projected to fall short of demand for potablewater.