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Provaris collaborates with Norwegian Hydrogen

Provaris collaborates with Norwegian Hydrogen in developing Norway's largest production facility for green hydrogen.

Chemicals, petrochemicals and the limits of globalism

Oil and gas price rises have raised costs for the petrochemical and chemical industries, thanks to background inflation aggravated by the war in Ukraine.

Energy recycling: how wind power helps to keep the traffic moving

Until recently, green revolution in energy was held up by lack of storage, which meant that efficient electricity production depended on an impossibility; namely uninterrupted wind and sunshine. Conversely, the excess energy produced during strong wind or sunshine could not be stored for later use. Now a revolution in energy storage is occurring, and it is possible not only to store green energy but to convert it to other uses, in other words to recycle it.

LEK to acquire 3D seismic at Otakiko

LEKOIL (LEK) has confirmed that its joint venture with Green Energy International Limited (GEIL) has signed a contract with Sinopec Changjiang Engineering Services Limited.

Italy: bio-engines for green power

Wärtsilä is to supply a liquid biofuel power plant to the Italian city of Acerra, near Naples.