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CAMO® introduces new CAMO Stainless Steel fasteners

CAMO® introduces new CAMO Stainless Steel fasteners

National Nail's CAMO® brand of tools and fasteners has introduced new CAMO Stainless Steel fasteners to help contractors, remodelers and DIYers build better in...
Skanska selects BUMAX to supply fasteners for Slussen

Skanska selects BUMAX to supply fasteners for Slussen

BUMAX has been chosen to supply high-strength and corrosion-resistant fasteners to global construction giant Skanska for the high-profile Slussen infrastructure project in Stockholm, Sweden.

EU may impose duties on Indian stainless fasteners

The European Union has revived a threat to impose tariffs on screws and bolts from India, citing that EU producers may be victims of subsidies and price undercutting. The EU launched an investigation into whether Indian manufacturers of stainless steel fasteners receive trade distorting government aid and sell the goods in the 27 nation bloc below cost, a practice referred to as dumping.

Rino releases titanium fasteners

Rino Industries has added a range of titanium fasteners to its latest mechanical drive components' catalogue.

Tong Herr Resources to set up plant in Thailand

Tong Herr Resources Bhd, a manufacturer of stainless-steel fasteners, is allocating about USD 5.5 million for the setting up of a plant in Thailand this year.

Stand-off fasteners enable easy removal

Keyhole self-clinching stand-off fasteners enable PC boards or panels to be slipped quickly into place and then removed easily when needed simply by sliding the board sideways and lifting it off.

Precision Castparts acquires SPS Technologies

Precision Castparts Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SPS Technologies Inc., a supplier of fasteners and other metal products to the aerospace, automotive, and general industrial and other markets.

Fasteners in thin metal sheets

A product bulletin updated by PEM Fastening Systems, profiles Pemsert self-clinching flush fasteners, designed to be completely flush in metal sheets as thin as 1.5mm.

Fasteners are dedicated to stainless uses

A new bulletin available free from PEM Fastening Systems profiles all types of PEM self-clinching nuts, studs and stand-offs designed specifically for attachment applications in stainless steel assemblies.

Investigating fasteners

Last year SSF was approached by DNV to be involved in a special research project.