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European Commission backs RINA’s Hydra Project for near-zero emission steel

Engineering company RINA will build a 100% hydrogen-fuelled pilot plant for the production of all types of green steel.

EU stainless buyers face shortages as prices surge

European stainless steel producers have raised their prices for 300 and 400 series hot and cold rolled coil multiple times throughout December and January. Buyers complain of offers being made by suppliers and withdrawn soon afterwards. 

China declares tariffs on stainless steel from EU

newsitemChina’s Ministry of Commerce will be imposing tariffs for anti-dumping on imports of certain stainless steel tubes from Japan and the European Union (EU).

Iter fusion project financing

newsitemThe European Union (EU) has released details of its financial commitments to the Iter fusion project in France for the next two years.

EU may impose duties on Indian stainless fasteners

The European Union has revived a threat to impose tariffs on screws and bolts from India, citing that EU producers may be victims of subsidies and price undercutting. The EU launched an investigation into whether Indian manufacturers of stainless steel fasteners receive trade distorting government aid and sell the goods in the 27 nation bloc below cost, a practice referred to as dumping.

EU may renew taxes on stainless

The European Union is considering renewing tariffs on stainless steel screws and bolts from China and Taiwan in an attempt to curb competition from EU manufacturers.

Possible stainless fasteners tariff

The European Union has threatened to impose tariffs on screws and bolts from India and Malaysia, saying that EU producers may be victims of subsidies and price undercutting.

Nabucco pipeline

The European Union has signed a groundbreaking deal with Turkey to deliver gas from countries around the Caspian basin straight to the heart of the EU.