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Interactive welding animation in French

The Euro Inox self-instruction tool “Guidelines on the Welded Fabrication of Stainless Steels” is currently available in French.

Post-fabrication surface treatment of stainless steel

newsitemBest practise in stainless steel fabrication includes maintaining or restoring clean metallic surfaces. When discolouration is observed, for instance, on edges, in welds or in the heat-affected zone, it should always be removed. Heat tint is not merely an aesthetic question: the oxides, which are visible as discolorations, do not have the protective and self-repairing properties that the original passive layer has.

Online photo animation to choose surface finishes

Euro Inox recently published a photo animation that enables users to choose from 20 mill and custom-made finishes.

Euro Inox publications free of charge

Three of Euro Inox publications can now be requested free of charge by stainless steel specifiers and users throughout Europe, conditional on availability and valid until the end of 2013. The initiative fosters best practice in stainless steel selection, fabrication and use.

Euro Inox Signs Charter

Euro Inox, the European association for the development of stainless steel, signed the Steel Network Sustainability Charter as developed by the IPO Steel Network.

New Euro Inox publication

Euro Inox has issued a new brochure, which shares current experience with designers and operators of wastewater treatment facilities. The 28 page publication titled “Performance of Stainless Steels in Waste Water Installations” examines the specific

Euro Inox stainless brochure

A new publication that shows that stainless steel is also a good choice for updating and upgrading existing buildings has been released from Euro Inox.

Stainless steel manual

A complete revision of The Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel has been published.

New CD-ROM stainless passivity

The electro-chemical process behind the passivity of stainless steels is explained in a new CD-ROM by Euro Inox, Brussels.

Fifth Annual Meeting of ISSF

The world’s stainless steel industry met on 6–8 May in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and agreed a new way forward for the industry.