Fifth Annual Meeting of ISSF

The world’s stainless steel industry met on 6–8 May in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and agreed a new way forward for the industry. Implementing Phase 2 of a strategic plan, the mission for ISSF is to grow the market for stainless steel and increase shareholder value by focusing on a project-orientated approach. Dr Staffan Malm was appointed Secretary General of ISSF and Dr Helmut G. Hadrys, CEO of Krupp Thyssen Stainless GmbH elected Chairman of the ISSF Board. The fifth Annual Meeting of ISSF was the opportunity for the Forum to build a platform for the future. In 1996 the organisation began as a forum for stainless steel companies to exchange information and ideas and to ultimately grow the market. The Forum now has 42 member companies from 18 countries, producing some 83% of the world’s stainless steel tonnage. 83 delegates attended the conference. The move towards a more project-orientated approach will integrate the skills of market development, environmental impact and economics & statistics. Stainless steel has achieved world-wide recognition for its corrosion resistance and for its hygienic surfaces. It also has excellent mechanical properties, and, thanks to its corrosion resistance and high level of recyclability, an environmental friendliness, which will open up a multitude of new applications in the global efforts to create a more sustainable society. Work on ISSF Phase 2 will be led by Dr Helmut G Hadrys. Euro-Inox, the European Stainless Steel Development Association, joined ISSF.

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