Portable plasma-arc cutter

ESAB has introduced its latest plasma cutting machine, the Powercut 650 plasmarc.

Welding guide published

ESAB has published a new Manual Metal Arc Welding guide to the company’s range of MMA power sources and remote control units.

Combined gas and plasma-arc system

Looking to invest in a cutting machine that would improve the scope of service, a subcontractor chose a combined gas and plasma-arc system for versatility and high accuracy.

Improved stainless welding

Esab has supplied equipment for welding stainless steel to a UK tanker manufacturer.

Guide to consumables for stainless welding

A new guide from Esab aims to provide the correct consumable specification when welding stainless steels.

ESAB moves “towards 100”

Founded 100 years ago next year, ESAB is re-inforcing its leadership in the highly competitive world of welding and cutting equipment and consumables, according to Chief Executive, Jon Templeman.

Heavy duty MIG units

ESAB has introduced ESABMig, a range of flexible heavy-duty welding units.

ESAB launches module-based welding system

ESAB has launched a new welding system from ESAB, the Aristo system. ESAB’s goal right from the initial design stages was to produce an intelligent and flexible module-based welding system.