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Power generation: no magic bullet

In an ideal world, the energy scarcity triggered by the war in Ukraine would serve as a wake-up call to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Energy recycling: how wind power helps to keep the traffic moving

Until recently, green revolution in energy was held up by lack of storage, which meant that efficient electricity production depended on an impossibility; namely uninterrupted wind and sunshine. Conversely, the excess energy produced during strong wind or sunshine could not be stored for later use. Now a revolution in energy storage is occurring, and it is possible not only to store green energy but to convert it to other uses, in other words to recycle it.

Lift-off: energy storage brings renewable energy to the mainstream

In the past, a severe shortcoming of renewables has been that they are intermittent: the power stays on only as long as the wind blows or the sun shines; if the wind blows too hard, the turbines must stop turning in order not to overload the grid. Newer and more efficient storage techniques are changing the equation. It is now possible to store excess power and tap into it during periods of power shortage. This article outlines some of the many technologies employed.

Bright Sparks at Energy Storage Summit

Forgive the pun, but the second Energy Storage Conference & Expo held in Düsseldorf, Germany on 18 and 19 March, certainly drew in top speakers and a lively audience. Curious about this emerging sector, we took our place among the 500-plus delegates.

Networking opportunity

The folks at Valve World and Stainless Steel World are working on a new one-day, small (max 180 people) and dedicated conference concept that focuses on energy storage (batteries as well as geothermal)...