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Parting-off on stainless parts

Stewart Buchanan Gauges is successfully parting-off up to 4000 stainless steel components with a single insert - a total cutting time of nine hours - using ACT's Microcut tooling.

Ugraded sawing

Alloys Services (Weston-Super-Mare, SW England) has installed a larger, more efficient CNC bandsawing machine from KASTO.

Waterjet cutting machine for mining

When Mine Mechanisation and Equipment Ltd (MME)invested in a KMT Waterjet Systems powered waterjet cutting machine, it allowed the company to diversify into totally different industries.

Metabo: new slicer

Metabo Corporation now offers new aluminium oxide Type 1 Slicer-Plus high-performance wheels that provide increased cutting speed and minimal burr when cutting heavier gauge metals.

New Cermet grade insert

The UK tooling specialist TaeguTec UK has launched its CT5000 Cermet grade insert for general milling applications.

New cutting tool for stainless

A new tooling solution for machining of titanium alloys and heat-resistant super alloys materials is now being introduced by Sandvik Coromant.

Cleaner and faster cutting

Hypertherm Inc. has released a brochure describing a newly reconfigured mechanised system enhanced with Hypertherm’s patented Coaxial-assist™ jet technology to boost cutting speeds on mild steel.

Capturing residue in nuclear plant

BNFL Environmental has introduced a new extract and filtration system designed to overcome the problem of fumes generated by welding or cutting.

Global concept

Axxair has introduced its Global Concept, a system that can both cut and weld thin stainless steel tubes in pre-fab, on site or in the workshop.

New welding equipment from Air Liquide

At Schweissen und Schneiden (Essen, 12–18 September 2001) Air Liquide Welding will exhibit to industries using welding and cutting techniques.