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Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, involves utilizing a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously produce electricity and valuable heat.

This method represents a more efficient utilization of fuel or heat, as it repurposes heat that would otherwise be wasted during the generation of electricity. CHP plants are designed to reclaim this thermal energy, which would have been lost, and use it for heating purposes. This process is often referred to as district heating through combined heat and power. Smaller-scale CHP installations exemplify the concept of decentralized energy. Additionally, the heat produced as a by-product, within the moderate temperature range of 100–180 °C (212–356 °F), can be employed in absorption refrigeration systems for cooling purposes

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Fuel cell initiative

Nuvera Fuel Cells Inc. and RWE Plus AG will form a joint venture to develop and distribute fuel cell systems in Europe.