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Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, involves utilizing a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously produce electricity and valuable heat.

This method represents a more efficient utilization of fuel or heat, as it repurposes heat that would otherwise be wasted during the generation of electricity. CHP plants are designed to reclaim this thermal energy, which would have been lost, and use it for heating purposes. This process is often referred to as district heating through combined heat and power. Smaller-scale CHP installations exemplify the concept of decentralized energy. Additionally, the heat produced as a by-product, within the moderate temperature range of 100–180 °C (212–356 °F), can be employed in absorption refrigeration systems for cooling purposes

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USA: CHP plant in Wisconsin

Northern Power Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp., has been selected by SC Johnson to engineer, build, and commission a USD 6 million turnkey combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Alstom wins German powergen order

Alstom has been awarded a contract by N-ERGIE AG, Nuremberg’s electrical utility, to supply a co-generation power plant to the Sandreuth combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

German powergen surge

Germany's municipal utilities are planning to invest EUR 1.7 billion in combined heat and power plants (CHP) over the next two years.

Power at the mouth of the Rhine

InterGen has announced the financial close of the Rijnmond Energy Centre, a 790-MW natural gas-fired, combined heat and power facility located in an industrial zone of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

CHP for two chemical plants in Texas

Nations Energy Holdings LLC will construct, own and operate a CHP Energy centre to supply steam, electricity and related services at two petrochemical production facilities in Bayport, Texas.

Serbia energy projects

Serbia is seeking international loans and offer joint ventures and BOT (build-operate-transfer) projects in a bid to revive its energy sector and stabilise electricity, gas and fuel supplies.

US chemical companies produce own electricity

The Dow Chemical Company, BP and Occidental Chemical Company all have something new in common. These companies, along with a growing list of their peers, are increasingly turning to combined heat and power (CHP) generation.

UK buys first commercial fuel cell

International Fuel Cells, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has announced the sale of a fuel cell system that will power a recreational centre in Woking, England, and be the first commercial fuel cell operating in the United Kingdom.

Rolls-Royce: Brazilian contracts

Rolls-Royce has announced contracts for helicopter engines and an industrial gas turbine in Brazil.

Solid oxide fuel cell co-generation plant(s)

The Presidio Trust, a US federal government corporation, is soliciting bids to provide and deliver a minimum of one and a maximum of four 1mw Solid Oxide Fuel Cell co-generation plant(s) to the Presidio of San Francisco, California.