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Botanickel: using plants to extract nickel

Using plants to extract nickel from soil and then turning that nickel into stainless steel maysound like science fiction.

“Carbon neutral by 2050” How Aperam leads the way to sustainability.

It is simply a matter of looking ahead for our industry, as well as for our children and our planet.

Aperam selects Danieli for revamping of Steckel mill

Aperam South America contracted Danieli for the revamping of the Steckel mill plant at Timoteo, Minas Gerais state, in Brazil. The purpose of the investment...

Lean duplex: shaping the future for wastewater treatment applications

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing allows 3D-printing of large objects at less expense and in a far shorter time. After years of extensive research, commercialization has begun, and heavy industry is set to be transformed.

Aperam completes the acquisition of ELG

Aperam announced the completion of the acquisition of ELG. The acquisition of ELG has received all necessary regulatory approvals and will further strengthen Aperam’s...

EPDs outline the impact of its products: Aperam

Aperam is a stainless-steel company with sustainability at its heart. As part of its environmental stewardship efforts, it uses Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to communicate about the environmental impact its products have across their lifecycle...


This webinar focuses on duplex stainless steels and, more specifically, the advantages of using Lean Duplexes for water, wastewater treatment

Aperam earns ResponsibleSteel™ Certification from AFNOR

Aperam announced that its Stainless Europe operations have been successfully certified to be operating at the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard by the independent auditors AFNOR. The ResponsibleSteel™ initiative is the first global sustainability certification programme for the steel sector and its certification follows a stringent audit of the company’s practices.

Aperam: A world-leading stainless steel company with corporate responsibility at its...

Since its spin-off from ArcelorMittal 10 years ago, Aperam has become an undisputable global leader in stainless, electrical, and specialty steel, with customers in over 40 countries. Having a fl at stainless and electrical steel capacity of 2.5 million tonnes in Brazil and Europe, it is also a leader in high-value specialty products.

Aperam with Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH to acquire ELG

Aperam announced a strategic transaction to further strengthen its cost and ESG leadership position with the signature of a Share Purchase Agreement with Franz Haniel & Cie. Gmbh to acquire ELG for an Enterprise Value of EUR 357M (Equity value EUR 30M).