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Altair acquires Gen3D

Altair acquired Gen3D. Gen3D is a pioneer in implementing the implicit geometry method for describing highly complex geometries such as lattice structures in additive...

Altair launches Altair Material Data Center

Altair announced the launch of the Altair Material Data Center, a modern, comprehensive, and high-fidelity material database for simulation.

Altair offers forging capabilities

Altair has announced that Metal Forming Research Corporation (MFRC) has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) with its forging software, Advisor for Metal Forming Process and Design Expert (AFDEX). Originally developed to analyse the forging process, the software capabilities have expanded to apply extrusion, drawing, rolling, ring rolling, and other functionalities of production lines.

Altair acquires Click2Cast for casting simulation

Altair has completed 100% acquisition of Click2Cast along with its technology and employees. Altair will now hold an office in Barcelona, Spain where Click2Cast is based.

Altair Partner Alliance offers welding simulation

Altair announced that GeonX has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), bringing access to Virfac®, a welding simulation software, to HyperWorks® users.

Altair unveils HyperXtrude 2015 extrusion simulation

Altair announced the launch of HyperXtrude 2015, a new version of the popular simulation tool for extrusion processes. For the first time, engineers on the shop floor may validate die designs using computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques directly from computer-aided design (CAD) models.

Fuel cell breakthrough

Altair International Inc. announces that its unique, proprietary technology the company appears to have solved the material mismatch problem for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).