Altair unveils HyperXtrude 2015 extrusion simulation

Altair announced the launch of HyperXtrude 2015, a new version of the popular simulation tool for extrusion processes. For the first time, engineers on the shop floor may validate die designs using computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques directly from computer-aided design (CAD) models. This change represents a significant workflow improvement.

HyperXtrude 2015 automates routine steps of the model building process with no compromise on accuracy or mesh quality, allowing die designers to perform simulation with very little time spent on learning or modelling the software. HyperXtrude 2015 supports steady-state metal extrusion analysis and includes analysis of solid and hollow profiles, direct and indirect extrusion, and single and multi-hole dies. Imported CAD models can be oriented and positioned appropriately. A flow-volume creation feature enables the creation of flow volume (negative volume) from the die solids. HyperXtrude 2015 also offers sketching capabilities, with tools that create points, lines, surfaces, solids and other geometric shapes from scratch.

Among the most helpful features of HyperXtrude 2015 are its powerful Simplify/Patch tools that allow users to clean up problem areas in the geometry of a model before running the analysis. These tools will remove imprints, rounds and fillets. They can be used to plug holes and pockets or create patches and bridges. Tools for measurement, mass calculation and support for different unit systems are also available.

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