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Thinking big: WAAM goes commercial

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing allows 3D-printing of large objects at less expense and in a far shorter time. After years of extensive research, commercialization has begun, and heavy industry is set to be transformed.

3D-printed stainless bridge a success

In April a ground-breaking stainless steel 3D printing project reached a major milestone with the successful completion of the bridge span section of a fully functional 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam.

3D printing for the nuclear industry

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) has been selected to lead a USD 2 million additive manufacturing research project. GEH will lead the project by producing sample replacement parts in corrosion resistant alloys for nuclear power plants.

SLM Solutions honored “Best of Industry” award

SLM Solutions was recently honoured for their outstanding innovations by the trade journal "MM Maschinenmarkt" in the section "Trend Topics".