Stamicarbon secures a license contract for NCIC

Stamicarbon has secured a contract to provide licensing and equipment for an advanced urea melt and granulation facility in Egypt, commissioned by El-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC). This cutting-edge plant, set to be situated approximately 100 km southeast of Cairo, is slated to yield a production capacity of 1,050 MTPD of urea.

At the heart of the facility’s design lies Stamicarbon’s pool reactor, integrated with adiabatic flash technology. This innovative setup promises reduced steam consumption and heightened energy efficiency. Notably, the urea synthesis section will be equipped with Stamicarbon’s proprietary high-pressure equipment, crafted from super durable duplex stainless steel.

To ensure top-notch product quality and adherence to the highest standards, the new plant will employ Stamicarbon’s fluid-bed granulation technology. This state-of-the-art approach to granulation not only guarantees superior product quality but also enhances operational efficiency. Furthermore, the plant’s design incorporates an integrated off-gases acidic scrubbing system and innovative salts reworking technology, effectively eliminating the waste water stream.

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